Sustainability Matters

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
- Albert Einstein

some of Our Solution & services

IoT Smart Building Solutions

Our IoT technology makes your buildings more efficient, healthier and sustainable and helps reduce operating costs. Using LoRaWAN® wireless technology, our sensors have 15KM wireless communication range! Its Hassle free, battery operated, plug and play IoT solutions.

AI Powered Energy Savings

An AI powered HVAC brain that makes buildings energy efficient. We bring to you the most sophisticated AI technology in the world that can help optimize and reduce up to 25% of HVAC energy cost, using deep learning, and algorithms with Zero CAPEX

ESG Management Platform

SaaS tool to simplify your sustainability journey. Manage your End to End sustainability journey with a simplified process that lets you manage, report, and analyze ESG data in one online platform

Thermodynamic Solar for Hot Water

The most efficient Hot Water system ever. Meet all hot water demand for your swimming pool, domestic water or central heating needs

Other Smart Solutions

We are dedicated to bring innovative and impactful solution to our clients looking to achieve their sustainability goals

Your sustainability partners

Sustainability is our commitment..

We partner with our clients, helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

through a worldwide network of consultants and clean tech solution developers, GreenBee brings the best technologies and sustainability solutions to buildings’ owners and operators.. helping them achieve sustainability targets, cost savings and increase efficiency through innovative solutions.

We partner with our clients throughout their sustainability journey, adding value and customizing solutions that fits every unique client needs.


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